Fact or Myth: Chocolate is Toxic for Dogs

Fact or Myth: Chocolate is Toxic for Dogs
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Easter means full fun and chocolate abounds but it may be a lethal danger for your dog.

It’s often considered as a myth! But is chocolate toxic for dogs in real? Many dogs do eat chocolates and they are just fine, that’s why people don’t believe the facts all know a dog who eats chocolate and is just fine, so sometimes people don’t believe the facts – chocolate is toxic for dogs but there are variables.

Toxic Ingredients

Caffeine, methylxanthines, and theobromine are the major ingredients that are present in chocolates and cause toxicity to dogs. These ingredients increase urine output, stimulate the nervous system, change heart rate, and can cause a number of other problems. The higher the consumption, the more dangerous will be the problem. From this, it gets very clear that chocolate is dangerous for dogs.

The Kind of Chocolate

Milk chocolates have very less toxic ingredients in them while darker ones have toxic ingredients in a greater quantity. Pure Cocoa powder and Baker’s chocolate contains the highest amount of theobromine and caffeine which can be fatal even in very small amounts for your dogs. It means that a medium-sized dog could eat a milk chocolate with no sickness symptoms, while the same sized dog ingesting a small quantity of Baker’s chocolate could suffer some serious toxicity.

The Size of the Dog

The size of the dog matters a lot. For example, if a 40 pounds dog eats 2 oz of Baker’s Chocolate, he may get a mild toxic reaction such as increased urination, vomiting, diarrhea, trembling, and elevated heart rate. If the same amount of chocolate is consumed by a 20 pounds dog, it could be lethal. But a 10 pounds consuming only 2 oz of Baker’s Chocolate is at risk of a sudden death.

When talking about the milk chocolate, a 40 pounds dog do not experience any toxic reaction until the amount of chocolate exceeds 5 oz, while a 10 pounds dog may have a mild reaction after eating just 2 oz of milk chocolate.

Beware of symptoms of tremors, seizures, rapid heartbeat and a potential collapse in order to be aware of it in case your dog is at risk.

I hope that this handy Chocolate Toxicity Calculator might be helpful through some of the variables. But a good rule of thumb is no chocolate ever for your dog, but this may help you in understanding that why chocolate toxicity is often rumored as a myth.

What should you do if?

If your dog gets into chocolate, you should take a quick action and contact your vet in no time. Don’t delay if you need your dog alive! Most emergency pet clinics do have quick access to calculations that will tell if your dog’s life is at risk or not. If your dog has consumed the amount or type of chocolate that is toxic or poses a risk to your dog, the vet can induce vomiting, but it needs to be done as quickly as possible in order to avoid the toxic ingredients moving into the dog’s body.

Happy Training!

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