Is your dog too smart for training?

Is your dog too smart for training?
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Relationships between you and your dog might be happy, healthy, and balanced, or it might be disheartening and toxic. Or maybe it’s somewhere in-between. But whatever it is, it’s because of your interaction with your dog. i.e. What you’ve allowed him to do and what you haven’t? What you’ve reinforced? How have you behaved with your dog? Everything you do with your dog determines your relationship.

While trainers teach your dog about different commands, manners, and which behavior is acceptable and which isn’t, your dog is too smart to take that information as universal. Just as you know what matters and what doesn’t in your life, so does your dog.

Like us, when expert and guidelines are foggy, or not reliably upheld, we tend to exploit them. Regardless of whether we get a kick out of the chance to let it out or not, it’s dependable results – or the likelihood of them – that tends to keep us on our best conduct. The more unsurprising and trustworthy, the better our conduct has a tendency to be. Also, obviously, the less unsurprising and reliable, the more regrettable our conduct has a tendency to be.

Your dog is reading your mind all the time. What you are enforcing, what you are allowing him to do? He takes this information and decides what needs to be adhered to and what doesn’t, who needs to be listened to and who doesn’t. If you ask for less than what the trainer asked, you’ll get less. If you ask the same, you’ll get the same. It’s how you create your relationship dynamics.

Keep in mind that trainers can build the foundation for the new, more sound patterns and decisions to remain on, it’s just you – the individual your dog lives with, the individual who implements the tenets, structure, and desires day by day – that can roll out these improvements perpetual.

We can just give you the tips and advice to begin you on the way, we can’t build your relationship. That part, the critical step, is dependent upon you. Your dog is excessively brilliant, making it impossible to have it some other way. The actions of your dog will tell you how much smart he is so you have to treat him that way!

Stay blessed and happy training!

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